Student Resource Scheme 2020

​In 2020 our school is continuing with a Student Resource Scheme (SRS) for consumables and textbooks, and now some digital resources. The scheme is supported and approved by the school’s Parents and Citizens Association (P&C), is managed by the school and operates in accordance with section 51 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. 
The scheme is voluntary and you are under no obligation to join.  However, please be aware that books, materials and consumables required under this scheme are not funded by school grants. Therefore if you do not wish to join the scheme you will be responsible for providing your child with the items that would otherwise have been provided by the scheme.
Student Resource Scheme Fees for 2020 are $100 per child.  This can be paid in full at the beginning of the year or if paying by instalments by the end of week 1 of each term.
All textbooks and consumables will be purchased by the school and delivered directly to the classroom at the beginning of the 2020 school year.  Classroom teachers will distribute and manage the textbooks and consumables for students in their class. 
Parents are required to complete the Student Resource Scheme Agreement, indicating their intention to participate in the scheme and listing each participating child in the spaces provided.
If you choose not to participate in the scheme, you are still required to complete and return the Student Resource Scheme Agreement, ticking NO at the top and complete your child's details.
Parents not wishing to participate in the scheme are asked to contact the school office,  on 4084 3222 and a list of materials required for your child’s year level will be emailed to you.  To view the booklist for non-Student Resource Scheme Students please click here.
Please read the cover letter providing information on Student Stationery and Equipment requirements for 2020 and the personal items required and not included in the Student Resource Scheme.
Other expenses for the year are based on a user pays system, invoiced on a term-by-term basis.  This includes incursions and excursions, instrumental and choral music programs, swimming lessons, school camps, Year 4 - 6 interschool sport and special events participation.
Our school’s Student Resource Scheme is convenient and cost saving for parents.  It also allows our school to have consistent resources for all students in each year level.  We encourage all families to take advantage of this scheme.
We do still have a number of families who indicated at the beginning of the year that they wished to join the scheme but still have outstanding fees.  It is important for these families to realise that they will not be eligible for the Student Resource Scheme in 2020 if fees remain outstanding after Friday 25th October.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us to discuss a payment plan.
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Last reviewed 18 November 2019
Last updated 18 November 2019