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Student services and support programs

​The Learning Support model at Port Douglas State School involves a whole school approach to improving the achievement of all students.  We use class data snapshots and assessment summaries to guide our planning in order to deliver a differentiated curriculum.  Differentiated instruction involves teaching that is adjusted to take into account the individual differences and needs of all students to maximise their learning potential.

Classroom teachers identify students with further learning support needs and refer them to the ‘Student Services Committee’.  Assessments by the Classroom Teacher/s, Support Teacher, Special Needs Teacher and Guidance Officer are shared, to determine if the student requires referral  to other specialists (Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or other agencies), to co-ordinate services and/or be supported by an education plan.

Those students who do not meet year level benchmarks or achieve significantly above year level benchmarks, will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), written in collaboration with the classroom teacher and support teacher.  The ILP provides an overview of information needed to inform the planning decisions of how that student may be best supported.  It highlights current achievement levels and diagnostic testing and provides a student plan that details student’s interests, areas of success, goals for future learning and intervention and support.

Intervention and support may involve adjustments to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and the learning environment.  This support will be evident in classrooms and learning enrichment programs, formed on a needs basis and catering for individual students or small groups of students identified with similar needs. The ILP is reviewed every six months, however changes to this document can be made at any time, based on ongoing monitoring by the classroom teacher and student services committee members.   Classroom teachers value ‘parents as partners’ in education and will request their input and feedback for this plan.

Our goal is to provide an education matched to the needs of all students who attend our school.